Carson City

Re: Style Thrift Shop & Boutique in Carson City, NV is all about the line designer. It’s a store where you can achieve that fantastic look paying only a fraction of exactly what a store would charge. This shop provides every style a possibility to wear high end designer labels without breaking the bank. An opportunity to own something from your favorite designer who otherwise might be out of reach.

The store has a great selection of clothes, from work wear to nice gowns, consisting of dress. In addition to a large shoe selection varying from classic clogs to sandals. Basically anything in between can be found in this store which is chock filled with goodies from floor to ceiling. Whether it’s a jacket, sunglasses, furnishings or jewelry you want you’ve pertained to the ideal place.

Please Stop by if you are in the area! Especially if you are near:
Lake Tahoe, Reno, North Gardnerville

Have Questions? Contact us at:
Phone: (775) 790-5124
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
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